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Windshield Replacement and The Glass Guy in Palm Coast, The Glass Guy auto glass repair company was established by offering windshield replacement and auto glass repair “right the first time” We take pride in all our auto glass repair services. Our customers have come to expect great service in Palm Coast Florida since we are a local auto glass repair company. Working with The Glass Guy can save you a considerable amount of time when dealing with auto glass repair and all windshield replacement. We do windshield replacement for classic cars, windshield replacement for all trucks including semi trucks. We use the best in windshield and auto glass repair products. We also accept all Insurance work. If do not have coverage for auto glass repair, our prices are very attractive and lower than our competitors.

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Windshile, Auto Glass, Windshield Repair, Auto Glass Repair, Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement is an issue that needs immediate actions when in need of a new windshield. Nobody wants a ticket. Worse yet, we don’t want an accident due to poor visibility due to a broken windshield. You are legally required to not drive with a broken windshield. Windshield replacement and Windshield  Repair is what we do and we come to you quickly. The Glass Guy is ready to respond when you have a need and we can also repair cracked windshields if we get it before the crack gets too big. Don’t wait for a ticket or accident before you do what is your duty, we need to drive safely. Don’t let anything hinder your visibility when driving.

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